Australia Fair History

The History of Australia Fair

In the 1990’s Philip Judge enjoyed a good working partnership with an Australian based gold coin and educational company called Australia Fair, which was instrumental in the implementation of AFE business strategies.

The roots of Australia Fair begin in the mid 1800s.

The Daniels family first arrived in Australia on the 25th of December 1853 upon the ship called ‘Epaminondas’ and Australia has been their home ever since.

In 1959 Peter Daniels and his wife Robina, third generation Australians, commenced their journey into the world of commerce and industry. By the late 70s Peter Daniels had become an international figure through his involvement in Real Estate, lecturing on business, benevolent work through Christian organizations and as a highly sought after speaker at conventions. By 1981 both of Peter and Robina’s sons were enjoying the fruits of success in business in their own right.

Australia Fair Logo as it appeared in 1990

Australia Fair Logo as it appeared in 1990

As a natural progression, 1987 saw the birth of the identity of AUSTRALIA FAIR’ a name that is aligned to Australia’s National Anthem (ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR) and one that reflects the Daniels family affinity with Australia’s Heritage.

It was at this time that Peter Daniels perceived a beneficial union through the introduction of his son Graham to a man called Philip Judge. In the years to follow this introduction was to prove to be one that forged a strong working union in today’s market economy.

In 1997 Graham Daniels, a fourth generation Australian, continued to build on the foundation laid by his parents and took AUSTRALIA FAIR Global. This move was somewhat the culmination of Graham’s background in Strategic International Intelligence, Financial Services and interests in the Precious Metals market.

Simultaneously Philip Judge, founder of South Australia’s at the time largest production and media services company, was producing and directing a two-part documentary called Millennium Money which went on to win a First Place Gold Award at the US International Film and Video Festival in Chicago.

For several years this complementary alliance of minds between Philip Judge and Graham Daniels put them on demand globally for their counsel in the area of financial structuring and precious metals.